Photoelectric effect


The PhET applet: Photoelectric Effect.
Fig. 5: Overview of the PhET applet 'Photoelectric Effect'.

The applet on the web sites above is free to use and requires only the JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. It can be downloaded for free as well here.

You may run the applet both online (select 'Run now') and offline (select 'Download' and run the file 'photoelectric_en.jar' any time later).

With the running applet, study and describe what happens while you:

On the right side please check the 'Show graph' checkboxes and note how corresponding graphs are being plotted, regarding what is actually happening in the phototube.

Furthermore, you may study the volt-ampere characteristics of the phototube with an unknown photocathode. (Select '???' as the target and read several values of the voltage and the corresponding photocurrent.)