List of video records of remote experiments

We have recorded usage of experiemnts. You can watch them on this page, or at youtube channel. Below the player you can find list of all recorded experiments and filter them - just click on the Name of the experiment and you will be redirected to youtube.

1Electromagnetic induction (on mobile phone)youtube
2Natural and driven oscillations (on mobile phone)youtube
3Water level controlyoutube
4Solar energy conversionyoutube
5Meteorological stationyoutube
6Difraction on microobjectsyoutube
7Franck hertz experimentyoutube
8Electromagnetic inductionyoutube
9Radiation backgroundyoutube
10Dependency of radiation on distanceyoutube
11Dependency of radiation on material type nad its thicknessyoutube
12Radiation backgroundyoutube
14Radiation background - data selectionyoutube
15Dependence of radioactivity on the shielding material (new)youtube
16Dependence of radioactivity on the distance (new)youtube
17Solar energy conversion newyoutube
19Series RLC circuityoutube