Heisenberg uncertainty principle (out of service until 1 March 2024)


  1. Make yourself acquainted with the experiment ” Heisenberg uncertainty principle “ and the corresponding theory.
  2. Make the detailed measurement of the light intensity of the diffraction pattern of the slit (the distance from the slit. a = (2152 ± 1) mm). Make the measurements for both sources of light (red laser of the wavelength λ1 = (632 ± 10) nm and the green one with the wavelength λ2 = (532 ± 10) nm) and for both sizes of the slits. Identify the position of the first minimum.
  3. Taking results of measurements and inequalities (7), verify validity of Heisenberg uncertainty principle (1), and/or determine the value of Planck's constant.
  4. Evaluate measurement results and error of Planck constant.
  5. Discuss use of real remote experiment and compare it with personal measurement in laboratory in case you measured this experiment earlier.