Electromagnetic induction


  1. Make familiar with the experiment Electromagnetic induction - the rotating coil in homogeneous magnetic field.
  2. Measure induced electromotive voltage on the angular frequency of the rotating coil, save the data. Make the measurements for 10 values of the angular frequency of the coil.
  3. Verify the validity of the Faraday's law using relation (5) and determine, how the amplitude uo of induced electromotive force depends on the angular frequency of the coil ω. Make a graph of the amplitude of the electromotive force on the frequency of rotation.
  4. Verify validity of Faraday's law using relation (6). and determine how a definite integral of induced electromotive force Equation 7 depends on the angular frequency of the rotation of the coil ω for several values of the angular frequencies ω.
  5. Discuss differences between measured and theoretical dependencies.
  6. As a future teacher, discuss the possibilities of remote experiments.
  7. Work out a report with the following items
    1. Introduction into the technology of the remote experiment.
    2. Physical introduction to the phenomenon observed.
    3. Description of the experiment and its arrangement, used tools and the sample of real measured data.
    4. Results obtained.
    5. Discussion of the achieved results and the remote experiment.
  8. For advanced: - - - Not possible at the moment - - -
    Acquaint with the experiment of the rotating magnet with a fixed coil http://kdt-20.karlov.mff.cuni.cz. Try to work out a detailed analyse of the time course of the electromotive force. Further in the task follow the same steps as in the case of the rotating coil.