Solar energy conversion


  1. Study the photovoltaic cell experiment.
  2. Measure the I-U characteristic of the photovoltaic cell in the dark; plot the data in a graph.
  3. Turn on the illumination of the photovoltaic cell and measure the I-U characteristic of the cell for various light intensity; plot the data in graphs.
  4. Find the fill factor FF (according to the equation (5)) for all chosen L and find an overall conversion efficiency of the cell.
  5. Determine the maximum electric power, produced in 1m2 of the photovoltaic cell under study. Let us assume that in our geographical conditions every 1 sec. app.750 J of radiant energy falls on 1 m2 of the sunlit area. Find out the coefficient of diode ideality a from the equation (6).
  6. For advanced learners: On the basis of data measured find out maximum electric power of photovoltaic cell Pm at given radiation and corresponding optimum loading resistance Rm.
  7. Find the coefficient of an ideal diode a from the equation (6).
  8. Work out a report containing these subtopics:
    1. Introduction to remote experiment technology
    2. Physical introduction to the phenomenon
    3. Description of the experiment and arrangement, aids, sample of real data measured
    4. Results achieved
    5. Discussion of achieved results and remote experiment in general.