Radioactivity (5 experiments)


Experiment with small ionizing radioactive emitter (stronger than school emitters) is placed at UK MFF Prague. We will access to it through web pages browsing with MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others.
Important note: Java has to be installed on your PC for full functionality (JRE, Java RunTime Environment, freely downloadable from Remote experiments work on Java applets.

Devices and equipment:

  1. Geiger-Müller detector from set GAMABETA 2007, (2 pieces – GM1 a GM2), easy adjustment for connection to measurement system ISES. GM1 measures intensity of radioactive emitter of ionizing radiation in various positions, GM2 measures natural radioactive background.
  2. Small source of ionizing radiation: 241Am, declared activity of emitter A = 300 kBq, α radiation is shielded, γ radiation at energy 60 keV comes out of emitter in collimated (narrower) beam.
  3. Positioning device XY: exact setting position of detector GM1 provides modified laboratory XY recorder. Position of GM1 is determined by voltage on X axis and Y axis. Movement in Y axis provides adjustment of position of detector GM1 from source of ionizing radiation. Position in X axis corresponds to direct way between emitter and detector without obstacle (we investigate dependency on distance from emitter), and other positions in X axis are used in experiment protection with shielding, where the effect of varoius obstacles is studied (dependency on layer thickness vrstvy and its material type).
  4. Measuing system ISES.
  5. Software ISES WEB Control for remote experiments.
  6. Controlling PC (measure server) connected to the Internet.
Fig. 1: View on remote measuring aparature controlled from the Internet. Geiger-Müller counter GM2 continuously monitors natural radioactive background and the counter is sufficiently hidden from source of radioactive ionization. Movable counter GM1 is attached to positioning device, which allows to change distance from radioactive emitter. Both counters GM1 and GM2 are connected to input of measuring system ISES, positioning device is connected to output of measuring system ISES.