Water level control

Physical Background

The arrangement of the remote experiment Water level controlling is seen in Fig.1 and Fig.2. It is in fact the manual water level controller, consisting of vessel (1) and the pump (2) with the closed colourer water circuit and the detecting water level system. All is built by the building blocks of the system ISES (Internet School Experimental System (see……): the relay (3), which switches on and off the pump and the liquid level detector consisting of two probes (4), which measure the water level using ISES panel. The on-line Web Camera (5) scans the whole demonstration. The server software is compiled using the kit software ISES WEB Control. The user can control the water level interactively by clicking the controls of the control panel.

Figure 1
Figure 1 The arrangement of the remote experiment Water level controlling;
The vessel (1), the pump (2), the relay (3), the probes (4), the Web Camera (5)
Figure 2
Figure 2 The datail view: there are visible the container of the closed water cirucuit, the pump ( with the electric leads) and the experimental vessel with the probes( measuring the water level)