Water level control


The demonstration Remote Water Level Control is a remote laboratory experiment, which shows that one can observe and control across the Internet various real experiments with the help of simple hardware and software and the Internet services. It is a typical task of remote control, that something is controlled and the consequences are observed or measured. In this demonstration we control the water level and for the measurement of water level we use two probes. Experimentator interactively controls the demonstration device by the mouse or the keyboard.

This task is the oldest remote experiment in our laboratory (starting on 2.2.2002), and it has recorded till now the greatest number of connections (about 6.500). “Water Level Control" is the oldest Remote experiment in our laboratory (starting on 2. 2. 2002) and it has had the most connections till now (about 6.500). This experiment can serve for the motivation and introduction to the more sophisticated experiments in our laboratory.

More experimentators can be connected to this demonstration at a time, with only one having the controlling capabilities. The demonstration is accessible round o clock and it is free without any password or even the necessity of logging. Feel free to enter!