Water level control


The task "Control of water level height" is experiments with the manual control of the type on/off in both local and on-line laboratories. It is not automated. You control the water level interactively and manually from www page. Pumping device can be controlled by more users at one time, but then they have a bit "shared" control. This multiple connection to one task is very popular among students. The task has no special important didactical output. It is only for presenting the idea that also some real experiments and real instrument can be controlled by the Internet, and not only computer games, video and music.

  1. Describe the experiment and its arrangement.
  2. Describe its set up. Specify the name the of ISES components used in this experiment.
  3. Try to estimate the time it takes, to fill and empty the vessel
  4. What do you thing, are these times the same?
  5. Measure the time it takes, to fill and empty the vessel
  6. Why the water in the vessel is blue? Try to find the reason.
  7. What about the estimating of water volume? Are you able to determine it under present conditions?
  8. Are you connected to the experiment alone just now, or it is not the case? If no, find the addresses of your coexperimentators? Do you know where the addresses occur?
For advanced experimentators:
  1. Try to explain which physical phenomena are in play when we switch on and switch off the pump remotely.
  2. Try to explain how the height of the water level may be detected. If are you not familiar with the answer, read carefully through the text again.
  3. Do you know how to estimate water volume in glass vessel in m3?
  4. Discuss new possibilities of remote experiments in general.