Meteorological station in Prague


The access to the remote experiment Meteorological station in Prague across the Internet is through arbitrary web browser (MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape,..), which enables Java support. Java must be installed (free download from and active.

Choose "Run Experiment" from menu of all remote experiments on our web page by the clicking the link. Maybe here will be a short delay caused by the delay in connection of your computer to the corresponding server and data loading. Be patient. After some time that may vary according to the speed of your connection, you can see the actual values of the temperature in Prague, the pressure and the intensity of sunshine, and the history for the last 7 days (Fig. 2).

Of course, you can:

The processing possibility of the collected data, the temperature, the barometric pressure and the intensity of sunshine are manifold. It is possible to access the recorded data form 3. 5. 2003, the date we launched this remote experiment. The record is not fully continuous in the whole time intervla (server downs, reconstructions of building, repair of the server etc.). More experimentators (clients) can be connected to this experiment at a time. You can see their addresses in the field "Connected users".

Our meteorological data can be used to learn:

Figure 2
Figure 2 The front www page of the experiment Meteorological station in Prague, with: the actual values of (a) the temperature, (b) the pressure and (c) sunshine intensity - the actual values and the last seven days data in Prague
Figure 3
Figure 3 Example of the transfer of the measured data of the temperature; the first column the date and time, the second column the temperature in 0C